Understanding Client’s Needs

Product Design & Analysis

Mould Design & Engineering

After Sales Services

1. Understanding the Client’s Needs :

  • Conducting multiple meetings with clients to identify needs and requirements

  • Visiting customer factories to understand production line restrictions and to identify possible challenges that may lie ahead

  • Providing unique packaging solutions designed and developed exclusively for the client

  • Providing innovative solutions to reduce client’s packaging costs by optimizing the weight and performance of the products

2. Product Design & Analysis :

  • Conducting research on suitable raw materials and identification of special additives to meet the required functional properties

  • Deployment of the latest and most advanced engineering softwares and hardwares to design and analyze new products

  • Creating and testing prototypes to asses performance and functional properties

  • Adhering to the global principles of product engineering and aesthetic design

3. Mould Design & Engineering :

  • In-house mold design department, consisting of experienced engineers and technicians

  • Utilizing the most advanced and high-precision tools during the mold manufacturing stage

  • Internal design and manufacture of pilot molds in order to perform functional tests

  • Close and long-term collaboration with reputable mold manufacturers in Europe and East Asia

4. After Sales Services :

  • Providing client consultation to optimize packaging according to the final product specifications

  • Helping customers to achieve smooth integration between their production line and the provided packaging solution

  • Quick despatching of expert technicians to client’s production site to assess and resolve technical problems

  • Dedicated customer service department for immediate response to customers needs